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You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.

Energy Medicine/Healing was introduced to me in January 2009 by 3 different friends in various friend groups and a Chiropractor I respected greatly. The Chiropractor explained energy and the science (quantum physics) behind it. At this point, I was all in and the healing began.

I used to suffer from debilitating PTSD acquired during years of significant trauma which disappeared within two weeks of self-treatment with EFT. My blood pressure changed from extremely high to normal; the joint inflammation and pain affecting my whole body dissipated with every trauma released as did my headaches, insomnia, and allergies. These physical ailments and many more were healed as I transformed emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Now…I am whole being has been transformed!

After earning certifications in The Emotion Code from Healers Library and in Wellness Consulting from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, I opened my practice in March of 2011. I am also certified in The Body Code, ThetaHealing and have studied  Emotional Freedom Techniques, Quantum Touch, Touch for Health, Ask and Receive, The Healing Code, Neurolinguistic Programming, Herbology, and Nutrition.

All of these were helpful in my healing journey but I found The Emotion Code and The Body Code were by far the most targeted and powerfully healing for me.

In my practice, I share my gifts and all that I have learned through my own healing. I assist clients by guiding them in accelerating their own journeys to healing and transformation.

Connie Cady



Everything is Energy – All Things are Possible – Everything is Connected

My Mission

• To be a blessing to all!

• To empower my clients to release energetic reasons for their physical or emotional pain and trauma; to bring relief.

• To facilitate the regaining/receiving of love, peace, joy, gratitude, and purpose into my clients’ lives.

My Goal

To quickly and completely assist you to clear/debug all the health issues and emotional baggage that are getting in the way of experiencing who you truly are.