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About Connie Cady - Emotion Code Practitioner

About Connie Cady - Emotion Code PractitionerEnergy Medicine/Healing was introduced to me in January of 2009. Four people, three of my friends who did not know one another and then my chiropractor who was the fourth person really grabbed my attention when after some 40 visits he told me that, if chiropractic treatment was the answer to my problem, I should already be better.  He then went on to explain why and how energy healing works and the science (quantum physics) behind it. At this point I was all in and the healing began.


Now……I am healed…..my whole being has been transformed! I am happy, grateful and in love with my life every moment of every day. My debilitating PTSD acquired during years of significant trauma disappeared in two weeks of starting to practice EFT on myself. I began to feel love for myself for the first time in my life and it has continued to grow! My blood pressure changed from extremely high to normal; the joint inflammation and pain affecting my whole body dissipated with every trauma released as did my headaches, insomnia and allergies. These physical ailments and many more were healed as I transformed emotionally, mentally and spiritually. (Our bodies are programmed to heal and they do so once the blocks to healing are released.) I’m grateful beyond words to now be in wonderful health, living in flow with my purpose, passion and the sheer joy of helping others to live the lives of their dreams.


I started my healing practice in March of 2011, soon after earning certifications in The Emotion Code from Healers Library and in Wellness Consulting from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Since then I have earned certification in ThetaHealing and  have studied The Body Code, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Quantum Touch, Touch for Health, Ask and Receive, The Healing Code, Neurolinguistic Programming, Herbology and Nutrition. All of these were helpful in my healing journey but I found The Emotion Code and The Body Code were by far the most targeted and powerfully healing for me.


Through my Energy Healing and Life Transformation Coaching practice I share my gifts and all that I have learned through my own healing. I currently work with clients 4 days per week, assisting and guiding them in accelerating their own journeys to healing and transformation.


As individuals we all have our own life’s experiences, beliefs and baggage trapped during times of trauma which makes my story everyone’s story with mere variations in details. Wonderful health and living a life you love can also be everyone’s story just as it is mine.