Frequently Asked Questions
About Energy Medicine

How Does it Work?

Energy healing taps into the energy field working directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. It addresses the illness caused by a disturbance in the energy flow. All negative emotions are felt through a disruption of the body’s energy. The body, like everything in the universe, is composed of energy. Restore balance to the body’s energy, and you will mend the negative emotions and physical symptoms that stem from the energy disruption. When the energy flow and energy fields are robust and vibrant, the body, as a result, remains healthy and balanced. Energy healing complements holistic medicine, and other healing methods to further amplify their effects. Below are some examples of techniques and methods that involve energy healing and medicine, from ancient teachings to modern applications.

What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code (TEC) is an exciting new form of energy work developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Briefly, the Emotion Code is the simplest, easiest, and fastest method ever devised to find emotional baggage (using muscle testing) and release it.

What Is Body Code?

Created by Dr. Bradley Nelson after many years of clinical practice as a holistic physician, The Body Code is a complete health and wellness guide, designed specifically to help you navigate through many of life’s perplexing issues, find the deep underlying reasons you have them and then realize real solutions. The Body Code can help people to overcome illness and discomfort, whether it’s emotionally, physically and even mentally based. The Body Code is the most advanced energy healing system in the world. It’s an unlimited and powerful healing tool.

The Body Code System was designed not just to bring relief to physical conditions. It is amazing what you will see and just how far it can go to heal lives emotionally and mentally as well by identifying and releasing underlying energetic imbalances, you’ll also be able to feel connected to your true self. As The Body Code helps to clear false beliefs, negative images, and other mental and emotional baggage, you may just feel like a new person; more connected to everyone, even to one’s true self.

How are trapped emotions and imbalances identified?

The Emotion Code (TEC) is an exciting new form of energy work developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Briefly, the Emotion Code is the simplest, easiest, and fastest method ever devised to find emotional baggage (using muscle testing) and release it.

What is emotional baggage and how can it affect me?

Our emotional baggage (trapped emotions and traumas) consists of actual energies; the energies of intense emotional events that we have experienced that are still stuck in our physical bodies. These energies distort the normal energy field of the body and interfere with the healthy flow of life energy in the body which can result in pain, malfunction and all manner of disease, including cancer. These negative emotions can affect our personal and business relationships as well as our ability to fully express our creativity and share our gifts with the world. Furthermore; these trapped emotions are the driving force behind anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), phobias and all manner of mental illnesses.

What is the Heart-Wall?

“During times of emotional pain or distress, your heart can be really hurt or injured- this is where the words “heartache” and “heartbreak” come from. Sometimes we need to put up a form of protection, or a “wall” around the heart – but you can’t build a wall of nothing, right? What ends up being used as “building materials” are the most common excess energies in the body- Trapped Emotions. The problem is that the Heart-Wall doesn’t dissolve on its own, even if you don’t need it anymore.

Does the Emotion Code treat specific diseases or conditions?

No. TEC is not intended to treat or diagnose illness or disease. While there is some anecdotal evidence that releasing trapped emotions can help heal physical symptoms, it is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. It is an easy and excellent way to clear emotional blocks to healing and can in that sense, be very supportive of the healing process.

How can using the Emotion Code to release my trapped emotions benefit me?

You can take your life back, enjoy better health, and finally be free from the insidious and subtle forces that trapped emotions are exerting upon you. TEC can be effective in releasing chronic pain, relationship blocks and anxiety among other things.

How does the Emotion Code work?

The process is simple. Muscle testing is used to identify a single trapped emotion that the body (the subconscious mind) is ready to release. Once enough information has been obtained about this emotion, such as the age when it was trapped, and where it is held in the body, or whether it is inherited, it can be released by running a magnet several times along the Governing Meridian (usually down the back). We then check to see if all of this trapped emotion has been released before continuing the process of identifying and releasing any other trapped emotion. This process is repeated until the body indicates that no more trapped emotions can be released at this time.

What does it feel like to have trapped emotions released?

Many people feel a tingling or cool sensation or a release of energy such as a yawn, a sigh or a feeling of lightness, elation or deep relaxation. You do not need to feel anything for it to work but the more you use TEC the more likely you are to feel the energetic shift.

After a session it is common to detoxify for two to three days. Be prepared to experience some ups and downs in your mood while your body integrates the changes brought on by releasing trapped emotions. Some people experience intense dreams, fatigue or headaches. This is all normal and should dissipate in two or three days. Many of my clients report feeling happier and healthier right away and this continues to unfold and manifest positively over time.

Once trapped emotions are released, are they gone forever?

In Dr. Nelson’s 20-plus years of working with The Emotion Code, he has never seen a trapped emotion that returned. It is important to understand that trapped emotions are from a specific incident in your past. When a trapped emotion, such as Anxiety, is released it is releasing the energy from that point in time when that anxiety occurred. There may be many more Anxiety trapped emotions from other experiences at other times and each of these may need to be released individually.
b>Do I have to remember my past?

You do not have to remember everything from your past. This is one of the most beautiful things about TEC. We can use the muscle testing to determine enough information to bring the trapped emotion “to the surface” or to your awareness. Once it is identified it is a simple matter to release it. There is usually no need to relive past trauma in order to release it.

Is this energy work like reprogramming the subconscious mind?

Yes, in some ways. Since holding onto trapped emotions and traumas are not profitable and life sustaining to us we can release them easily, painlessly and permanently with The Emotion Code, and we can then actually – NOW HEAR THIS! – replace that negative with a life-giving gift, positive attribute or quality that serves our higher and best good.

Who can be helped with The Emotion Code?

TEC works well for all ages, especially children. You may be aware that many of your issues are based on experiences from childhood. What a great gift that enables us to help children let go of the emotional baggage they’ve already picked up – or inherited from previous generations through negative family stories and beliefs – and freeing them from a lifetime of dealing with it! I have had wonderful success with children following surgery, and also after very difficult deliveries, as well as those children – and adults – with performance and behavioral problems in school.

TEC can also be used with people who are immobile due to injuries or illness, or wheel-chair bound, as well as infants who are not feeling well. Often working with the parent to resolve issues helps their child to be more relaxed.

Why should I book a session with you and what makes your technique unique?

If you worked with me, you would have the distinct advantage of having your released negative trapped emotions replaced with a positive attribute, or quality of your choice, thereby making the transformation complete. I was lead to add this beautiful component to my Emotion Code therapy work because I fully understand that nature abhors a vacuum, and I live by the admonition to “choose life”, and I want all of us to live it more abundantly.

Can the Emotion Code be used remotely?

Yes, it is just as effective when done remotely and is done by proxy for the client. Dr, Nelson is very clear, however, that you must always have permission before doing this work for someone else.