What My Clients Have To Say

A personal tune up, that’s what I call it. It sounds like a snack but it’s a banquet. Connie is able to work with you and pull the thorns of your past. It’s hard to quantify the boundaries of her abilities. Connie has helped my children and I pull back layers of darkness and replace it with light, hope and unlimited potential. I’m not a person who is “into alternative medicine”. I can only say without a doubt, Connie is able to accomplish in weeks what would have taken a western medical practitioner years to do. Do yourself or a somebody you care about a favor let Connie apply her Emotion Code Therapy and experience the positive changes

Bob Brown

I cannot recommend Connie and the Emotion Code that she uses highly enough! They are a winning combination! Searching for her own healing years ago, she discovered this amazing treasure and now walks as a living example of the power of this method. I am always excited to have sessions with her knowing that I am headed for the same liberation and wholeness that she exemplifies. In the past I have tried regular counselors to work through childhood issues stemming from dysfunction which alcohol brings to a home. With this type of counseling, there were no “for sure” solutions that could be offered when the incredible pain of those early abuses was brought to the surface. I remember one time calling my counselor back after I got home to ask her what I was supposed to do with (figuratively speaking) “all the bags of human depravity and devastation which had been stored away for years that she helped me haul up out of my basement and open up onto my living room floor.” How do I make it through my day with all this putrefying stuff strewn all over in my immediate consciousness? (We weren’t able to address this part before I left because my hour was up.) I was told that acknowledging the problem is the beginning of resolving it and that journaling would help. I was stunned. I didn’t like her answer! The Emotion Code is nothing like this! It doesn’t take months and years to get free and healed of stuff that happened in our formative years or to be able to work through current situations. Each issue that is brought up to the conscious level is released right then and there within a minute or two and replaced with the gift of healing that awaits our embrace. It is very beautiful and I go away uplifted and exhilarated. Sometimes there can be detoxification from the body getting rid of toxins that were generated from this deadly stuff; but it gets resolved within a few days, and I feel better than ever and am able to walk in a new level of life!

My grown children have experienced liberation also from having time with Connie. Our highlight is my son getting set free from many years of meth addiction. I can’t praise God enough! And talking about God, this method is not some weird stuff that is scary. It is truth and the truth does set us free. If you have struggles, issues, baggage that you don’t know what to do with, here is a new tool for your toolbox! Some day the Emotion Code will be as well-known and as common as a hammer and saw. Thank you, Connie, for sharing with us your incredible discovery!

Linda From Lebanon

Thanks, I have a much better, more positive attitude since working with you! Its what I was hoping for but I was actually surprised that I am feeling so much better. I am not near as depressed or scared.

Grateful Private Client

At age 68, I took pride in a carrying a minimum of emotional baggage – yet one bit of emotional trauma occasionally reared it’s ugly head, causing me pain, feeding insecurity. It was the one issue that just seemed to never go away, always lurking in the back of my mind, although I had long ago disposed of most negative thought. When introduced to Connie Cady and her chosen process, The Emotion Code, I experienced immediate release of negativity with my long held problem, which has not since reappeared. I believe Connie has a unique gift that she shares openly to help others. I was surprised to discover that I did not need to relive or re-experience any trauma in the process. I am grateful for Connie Cady’s intuition, understanding, and positive, loving approach toward identifying and releasing negativity.

Arthur Cady, Springfield, OR

Connie is very adept. Her intuition is amazing. The results of my therapy have been positive. After years of physical, psychological, and emotional trauma, I have found true healing. My first sessions were in Oregon while on vacation. I have continued by phone at home. I
become lighter with each session and always look forward to the next appointment. My wife is now in the process of scheduling sessions with Connie for herself. I am grateful to the universe, not only for the healing, but for finding another true “soul friend”. Connie is a beautiful being, inside and out. THANK YOU!

John Ensign

Good evening, I just wanted to let you know…. remember telling me that if I did not let go of the traumas concerning my mother that I would develop female problems. I know we released a lot of that stuff together and I worked on more of it by myself like you showed me I could do. Well, anyway, I had not told you that I suffered from horrible cramps and felt so sick the first day of my period for years and years. Well, I noticed that for two months, since I started working with you, that my periods have been easy with no noticeable cramping or sickness. Wow! Of course the anxiety and emotional turmoil that I came to you for is so much less. In fact I do not have panic attacks anymore and I feel so much better about myself and my value and I have more self-confidence and am so much more positive about my life in general.

Grateful Private Client

Particularly noticeable from my last session:

1 )I had a sense of lightness, but yet my heart was full.2 )I felt buoyant.3) In a big change for me, I began to notice a distance from other peoples’ problems and challenges, while maintaining compassion for them and their circumstances.4) I started singing to myself. Just because.5) At work, I no longer get mired in anxiety about deadlines (Which was a pattern that had started happening as my workload and responsibilities increased). Now I have a calm ‘knowing’ that if I just keep at it, things will work out just fine. And then they do.

These changes have lasted for many weeks, and are slowly tapering off now. Although the feelings i’ve described are not as strong as immediately after the session, I’m not returning to the same place I was before the session. Perhaps I’ve gotten used to this new state, and it just seems totally normal now.

I’ll end this with one more observation. Since my last session, my emotions have become extremely accessible. Movies, conversation, and even Connie’s recorded meditation can bring me to tears if I allow those feelings to come out. The tears are not from a feeling of sadness,it’s just genuine emotion felt in the moment. I would describe the feeling as gratitude,compassion, and love welling up when the tears appear. In the past, I would harden myself, and hide my true feelings, and never, ever cry. It’s sweet relief to let my natural and normal feelings surface.

Thank you for your good and powerful work, Connie. You’re making the world better.

Grateful Private Client

Thank you. I felt amazing after I left, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me. It’s great!””I felt so good after working with you (no more headache, no more anxiety and stress about work) that I went out with friends and had a lovely evening.

Grateful Private Client

Connie has given me some great relief on issues that have been haunting me for years. The chance to make a smarter, positive and healthier choice in life is of great value. Contact Connie Cady and book an appointment. I recommend her work highly.

Grateful Private Client